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Do you offer corperate discounts?

Yes we do to inquire email us at rentals@kiwirentals.co.nz

Can we buy your scooters outright?

From time to time when we upgrade our fleet we will list our scooters on the pricing page and the price for a used ES4 would be around $720.00 including GST.

What if the scooter breaks while in use?

If the scooter is damaged in use we will open an investigation to try and figure out what has happened. If you are found to be at fault then you are liable for any damage to the vehicle.

Are your scooters waterproof?

No, not really while they can be placed in water its not good for them and you will be liable for any damage caused.

How can I get a refund?

Email us at support@kiwirentals.co.nz

How can I give you feedback or make a complaint?

We really appreciate your opinions so feel free to email us at feedback@kiwirentals.co.nz

Are you sustainable and how do your future proof your site?

We strive to be sustainable in every way. With the average electric scooter only lasting around 2000KM we have to make sure we deal with old ones properly. To do this we may auction the items out and repair them to work again but if the item is damaged beyond repair then we will strip the item down to its raw materials, Then recycle all the parts responsibly so they can turn into new items.

For Future Proofing we choose to create a modern site that can easily be upgraded to certain trends and standards all the code and CSS is commented on so anyone can pick up the site and know exactly what everything does. This saves time and money meaning we can put it into more valuable things like production and customer service.

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